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I am Father Tom Fish, esteemed member of the religious team at Temptation of Christ Parish in the novels by author Julie Mackenzie. As to my background, I was invited into the rectory as a stray, laid on the charm, and was invited to stay, even honorarily ordained and no less spiritual than my sidekick Father Will. He dotes on me to high heaven and forgives all of my street cat proclivities, whatever the hell that means.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

I have finally given in.

After cajoling me with treats, ear scritches, back scratches, and coos, I have finally given in to a certain Julie Mackenzie. She has created a series of novels featuring me in a church setting. (I know, highly unlikely in real life) However, the description of Fr. Tom Fish (me) is right on the money. I am understood by the younger priest only and I'm best described as a former street cat, now parish cat of Temptation of Christ Church. I've been sanctified and it didn't hurt one bit.

Here are the books: FINE FEATHER is already out in both paperback and ebook on Amazon. It introduces all the characters and the predicaments they find themselves in. The church is headed for the tank, a man mysteriously kicks the bucket and an elderly woman, a janitor, a love interest, and a building manager are all under suspicion. So, hold onto your hat, buckle up, and make sure your funny bone is in good working order!


The second book is still under construction.

A totally different novel in that it involves a parishioner and his childhood friend, all grown up and after serving in the Army, they come home only to face each other's new challenges. I'm in this, too, ready with my wit and common sense. Other characters in the book previous are brought up again, so it's kinda nice to read the FEATHER book first, but it's not a have-to.

This book won't be available until probably the end of November, around Thanksgiving. We'll let you know. Meanwhile, here's the cover:

So, my friends, sorry for the long absence, but this is what we've been up to.

We'll keep you posted. Me? I'm doing fine. I just get the occasional headache after editing. 
What would the author do without me?

Monday, June 27, 2022

How the Fur Flies

Hi, furriends..

I know...we hear about it all the time. The housekeeper says the vacuum canister is filled to the gills after one run through in living room, dining room and kitchen, and it's all FUR!!! 👀

Now, she combs me every few days or so, but I notice I'm leaving clumps around anyway and the curtains...!! Who knew?

She took care of this right quick, I'll tell you!

Me? I don't even notice my furs saying bye-bye. I do feel a tad lighter, though! 😂

~~Tom xx

Monday, June 20, 2022

 Hi, furriends!

Sorry we've been awol for a week. There's so much going on, we just needed a breather.

To bring you up to date: Bridget is back in her mouse-chasing groove. I don't know what the poor mouse wants in our house when there's plenty of food outside, but one did make it in and lived to regret it.

Here she is, determined to get at him. The paw of death!

Did she eventually get him? Afraid so. His poor little carcass sat on the kitchen floor the following day. 

I think Bridget was especially energized since there was not one single mouse all winter for her to terrorize. All that pent-up energy she had was out to get the poor mouse who found himself inside and never made it back out. 

No, I don't go after mice. I'm too old for such sport and I don't see the need. We have plenty of food and don't need a mouse to supplement our diet. I think Bridget does it more for thrills than anything else.

All for now. I'm getting ready to haunt visit all of you. Look for my mug in the comments section. I hope it shows. I've heard tell some comments are not being posted which is a shame. They're always fun to read.


Monday, June 6, 2022

Shelter Cats

Hello furriends!

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month and I can't say it enough times: We former shelter cats are so grateful that someone did that for us! I don't think the housekeeper ever contemplated doing anything different. Just think, if humans adopted a shelter cat, they could never be accused of looking for love in all the wrong places. There's nothing wrong about saving a furry one!

But, not all cats come from shelters. I did, but Bridget came from a dump and Penny wound up in our yard and try as we might, no owner was ever found. So, we can't forget those kitties who come into our lives from places out of the ordinary.

Bridget: Did I come from a dump? Really?

Me: Yep. And, don't you forget it.

Bridget: How do you figure?

Me: The housekeeper found out that a mother cat had kittens where she took an old desk to throw away and you were one of them.

Bridget: You just never know where you're going to wind up on this Earth, do you?

Me: Nope. You're one lucky cat to be with hunky, irresistible me!

Bridget: Don't push it, buster!

Go out and rescue an irresistible cat today!


Monday, May 30, 2022

Early Morning Vigil

 Hello, furriends

This post is going to be quick because I have to get back to my post. There's been a lot of outside activity around here lately and even though we're inside kitties, there are still enough windows for us to keep tabs on who comes around.

This is where we're stationed in the living room this morning. The housekeeper said the deer have returned and are sleeping right by one of our big bushes. I haven't seen them, but a neighbor said last year a mother and her fawn were seen crossing our yard after sleeping here overnight.

We have three big windows facing east where I'm sitting and Bridget seems to always take charge of the south side. Sometimes we'll hear something and try to figure out which window will tell us what or who it is! 

If Bridget stays downstairs, it's probably another cat or animal. If she rushes up the stairs to the attic, then a human has come to the door. It's kinda funny..!

Have a restful day furriends. We're hoping there won't be too much foot or paw traffic today.

Monday, May 23, 2022

After Effects

Hi, furriends!

A few of you have put us to shame. You've come up with the coolest art and we haven't really shown any artsy stuff, I don't think, ever. Not that we haven't created any, mind you. It just wasn't something we thought of to show off here.

Soooo....*drum roll please* ... to make up for it, we invite you to take a gander at these and tell us what you think!

Yesterday was World Goth Day and a long time ago, we created a goth version of me!!


Then there's this:

and finally:

" dear Watson, you didn't see me hiding in the shadows?"

All for now, furriends!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Hi, furry folks!

Even once-a-weekers run out of ideas on what to post.

So, here's our best attempt for this Monday:



and To the Point..

For those of you meeting us for the first time, it's me Tom at the top
Penny midway down and above, Bridget...

Have a good week, furriends!

Monday, May 9, 2022

That Cat Can't Smell!

Hi, furriends!

We have a surprise in our post today!

Our first real show of spring. This was taken right after a morning rain.

Here's another flower with...*gasp* a kitty that's not any of us!

She does look a little like Penny, though, doesn't she?

Bridget and I'll be sharing our adventures next week!

Happy spring!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Sunbathing or Bathed by Sun and Bridget

Hi, furriends!

Once again the housekeeper catches us. This time in a rare bathing experience for me while lying in the sun! I squiggle just looking back on this.

I have yet to return the favor, but Bridget doesn't mind. She's all about making me happy. That is, until I tick her off, hahaha!!

If the above photo only whets your appetite for more, here's more...!!!!!

I know...can you stand it??

Hey...Bridge...don't forget inside the ears!!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Hanging Salad

Hi, furriends!

Over the weekend we had warm enough weather to open windows and I was thrilled. Both Bridget and I made it a point to fit in one window. Usually, we each get a window to enjoy our whiffies, but we were so happy (I know, we don't look it, but we were!) that we didn't mind crowding each other.

Now, the real point of this post is to introduce a new hanging plant I've taken a liking to. It's officially called a spider plant, even though it has nothing to do with spiders, but just has hanging babies.

We've taken to calling it Tom's salad plant because I like nibbling on it! Okay, so I barf up the greens, but at least I do it up in the attic where nobody steps in it.

Not to worry, my new hanging salad is perfectly okay for me to eat. It just doesn't look okay after I've nibbled on it!!

So, spring is finally here, even though nights can still be nippy. When you live in the north country, I guess you have to expect it.

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2022

A Food Question

Hi, furriends~

If you'll pardon me, all I want to do today is sleep. There's nothing wrong or anything, it's just I had an exhausting weekend being Easter and all and I have to recuperate.

Can I share something really weird with you, though, something bugging me?

There's a pet food company that sells rabbit pate. Yep. That's what we had to celebrate the holiday. Can you believe it? I have to admit, it was really tasty, never having had it before. But, I'm very conflicted. Should I feel bad? Did I commit a sin? I know we eat chicken, turkey, duck and other stuff, but I just don't know. What do you think?

Meanwhile, I'm going to catch up on my snoozes and dreams.

Love you all. 💟


Monday, April 11, 2022

Hi, furry friends ~

Thanks to all of you for sharing your favorite sleeping spots with me! Now I know where to find you!

Okay, we now have snooze areas covered. Sun spots are pretty special, too. What we're happy about here at the Fish House is the fact that the cheap storm door that came with the house (and never fit right, letting in beaucoup cold air) has been replaced with what they call a "full view." Hey, I'll go along with that..

That wonderful morning sun now reaches us much better. The old door was halfway covered, so no good at all. It's funny, now I can watch the sun move as winter leaves and spring starts coming around, warming our furs.  I'm convinced the sun is spring's best buddy!

Here's the window that sits next to the front door and what we were looking at three years ago. No metal roof now means no more avalanche piles of snow! 

Here's hoping spring is well on its way to your neck of the woods!


Monday, April 4, 2022

A Sleep Study

Hello, effurybody!

You might be thinking from the title of this blog that it's like the human study - everybody taking notes, waking up, not waking up and all sorts of wires attached..

The sleep study I'm conducting involves what we look for when we want a good, old-fashioned nap.

1. A spot that looks comfortable

2. Where the scent of home is best.

3. A place that's warm, like a lap

4. Quiet

5. Sometimes what's best could be an area hidden away

Did I forget anything?

Looking back, here is our Anastasia sleeping on clothes, maybe laundry? Pants, pillow, looks like a tote bag or maybe shorts, and pjs.

Doesn't she look comfy??? She always liked to sleep on the things humans wear.

Wait - I did forget something. Some of us, like my great-great uncle Tom always wanted to snooze with a buddy by his side. Here he is with Vinny Blackwhisker.

I know, this pic isn't all that good. This was from a long, long time ago. Long before my time..Some of you might remember the first Tom and his posts about ten years ago. Believe me, I had big paws to fill!

Do you have sleeping spots you like better than others?

Monday, March 28, 2022

Back Scratching Time!!

Hi, furry folks!

I have to tell you - the housekeeper gives the best, I mean the best back scratches. It's the only thing that makes me getting my eye drops even halfway bearable. 

Some people might call it a song and dance and they might be right, but it's funny how she'll set up the towel on the table, then come after me. I run (I'm not stupid and not about to give in without getting something out of it). I find the nearest rug and wait...

She approaches, crooning the whole time about how cute I am - something I'm well aware of...

Reaching down, she begins to scratch my back in the most heavenly way possible.


She then picks me up (with a grunt - really, I'm not THAT heavy) and I'm off to get that drop into my right eye. I get two a day, so we get to do this all over again later on!! 

Lucky me! (sort of)

Hope you get a good scratch in for yourselves this week!


Monday, March 21, 2022

Penny's Eyes

Hi, furriends!

I've decided on this sunny Monday morning to make this blog post all things Penny.

I have some sad news. What makes it even sadder is there's nothing we can do about it. There's no cure, but at least Penny's life is not in jeopardy. It's just not visible to her anymore. Now she relies on her other senses besides her eyes. We've assured her that there's plenty of love headed for all of them.

As happens with a lot of Siamese cats I've heard, they can develop progressive retinal atrophy. What that means is she had begun to go blind when she was found wandering around in our yard. We tried to find the owner, as you might remember, but failing that, decided to invite her into our home. Slowly, she began to get used to Bridget, but I'm a different story. For some reason, I just charge in and that scares her. She hisses, but I take it the wrong way, enough for the housekeeper to keep us apart. At least for now.

The housekeeper says she must be completely blind after almost two years with us because she is bumping into things and doesn't play with the abandon she used to. I feel so bad. I wish I could do something. My own eyes are aging and it isn't a picnic.

Thought we'd let you know. This blog always gives us a chance to go into more detail about stuff, so that's a good thing. Facebook is limiting, yet more immediate. We've now shared both here and there.

Have a good Monday and rest of the week. Our snow is almost gone and I'm so happy with the spring warmth and doing some sun cuddling !!

Monday, March 14, 2022

Nip with a New Scratcher Prompts Idea for Humans

Hi, folks!

The housekeeper bought a new scratcher for me and I'm over the moon..yeah, I guess, due to the scratcher, but the "over the moon" part is due to the fresh (and I mean fresh) catnip that came with it.

It got me to thinking about humans and how they buy stuff and really don't get anything to go with it so they enjoy it more. Take dishes. Wouldn't it be nice if a yummy food coupon came, the kind for food delivery, tucked into a set of dishes? Or, how about buying a car and getting your tank filled for six months? Okay...make it a month..cheapskate! Hahaha!

Anyway, the new scratcher and nip made my weekend and here are the photos to prove it! 


Have a super duper nippy week everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Fairy Tale Time

Hidey ho, furriends!

This photo made me think of fairy tales and I'll tell you why:

Bridget sleeping on umpteen beds reminded me of the Princess and the Pea...

Then, I realized there was another fairy tale this photo brings to mind:


The tail being the way to a locked-away princess' heart. The prince climbs up, wakes her up and...oh, wait...that's a whole other fairy tale...sleeping beauty!!!

All these imaginings almost made me forget this is Monday!

Have a good week!

Monday, February 28, 2022

 *rushes in* Is it time for another post already?

Housekeeper: It's Monday, Tom.

Oh. Sorry, folks. Whatcha got in mind for today, oh housekeeper Julie?

HJ: I guess nothing, really, except it's the last day of February. A packed week is ahead with Lent looming, Fat Tuesday (tomorrow, I think) where you can eat all you want, Ash Wednesday...

Hold it right there. Good thing I caught up on sleep yesterday!

HJ: Yeah, good thing. What are you giving up for Lent, Tom?

Compliments. I'm giving up compliments. 

HJ: Get that grin off your rascal!

I'm loved so I can say anything I want!

Monday, February 21, 2022

The Busy Week is Over

Hello, furriends!

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm happy this is Monday. We had cat cousins visit us and they stayed and stayed and stayed until yesterday...I thought they would never go home and I didn't like them taking over my turf!

Well, they didn't exactly take over, but they got more attention than I think they deserved and even though I tried to be a good host, it was touch and go for a while. Here are some photos to share..a handsome lot, both mancats and some might say, pretty striking!

I think this photo of Mr. Peters is funny since it looks like he has stubby legs..! 

I really shouldn't make fun. Poor guy has to take all sorts of meds since he's suffering from heart failure and has to have a shute-full dispensed twice a day, before meals. Nobody knows how long he has, but we're hoping he'll be around for a long time yet. Hang in, good buddy! 

Here are some more pics:

Chewzy, the other boycat seems to like to adapt his surroundings to him, not the other way around!

Like, who needs this cave? It's much more comfortable to be sat on!

Ssssshhhhh! No wakey-wakey!

The housekeeper can't wait to have them back. I say we're in no great hurry. It did break the monotony for a while, I must admit and since they're relatives, we have to be gracious, no matter what. 

All for now from Destination Hangout!

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!


It was so funny to catch Bridget and me snuggled up in a cat bed. We've never managed such a thing before, but the housekeeper caught it and I thought I'd share on this day of hearts:

I know...such adorableness! It looks as if I was in the bed first and then she tried to fit herself in. Of course, we all know that if she had been in the bed first, it would have been World War III!! HaHa!!

I like Valentine's Day. It's very heart-warming, get it? Especially when you have a heart-to-heart with someone and your heart's in the right place.

Enjoy this special day in February that makes us smile!


Monday, February 7, 2022

Checking In

Hi, effurryone!!

February is heart month and next Monday, on that exact day, we send valentines to people. They're cards with hearts all over them and all kinds of mushy stuff inside.

Not me. I already gave out catnip roses and they're the gifts that keep on giving. It was a few posts back, but they're still lying around and enjoyed by Penny and Bridget.

Which, in catspeak, means tear the heck out of it.

Hey, I just go with the flow. 

Nothing else going on except too much snow, ice and cold. Spring better not forget about us!

Over and out!


Monday, January 31, 2022

A Wild Ride

Hi, furriends!

This is a very happy Monday as it turns out. It's the last day of January! One month down and two to go. Thank goodness February is a short month, giving the illusion that we can get it over with sooner. Well, we do, but then there's still March, good old unpredictable March.

We came out of our blizzard in the same shape as everybody else. 


The winds were vicious, loud and sounding like they were determined to blow the house down. Fortunately, they didn't succeed, but it gave us all a good scare. What would I do without a home, food and a peaceful place to sleep?

I don't even want to think about it.

Anyway, we're okay and hope others were able to dig out and get back to normal. For me, normal is this!

While the windows, like this one in the kitchen, overnight looked battered with snow and ice.

I think the plant liked all the excitement. It's a peperomia and has been giving off happy vibes and growing like crazy since the housekeeper put her over the sink.

Happy Monday to you all and January? Don't let the door hit!!

Monday, January 24, 2022


 Hello, furriends!

Ernie, Scooby, Mackerull, Dai$y and all the rest of the blogging family, hope you're doing okay. I don't think we know anybody on here who's going through summer right now as we suffer through the winter. It's funny how that goes. Woohoo switcheroo - after winter, we trade places. I can't wait!

Nothing new going on, really, except out of a clear blue sky, Bridget is camera-shy. She says she had an itch, but she held this pose fur-evvvver. Lately she's been turning away from the camera. We have no clue what's up with that. We'll just wait it out. Next, it'll be something else.


Oh, I'm not camera shy in the least. The housekeeper always knows how to take the perfect photo of me. Like here. swooning allowed! I don't have any smelling salts!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Happy Monday, furry folks!

Just want to share something I've noticed. 

Bridget looks good at any angle. I started to turn this one photo around and upside down and she looks good no matter what....It's hard to tell which is the original photo. 

Can you tell? Answer at the bottom of the post ~ no peeking!

Another shot:

Photo #3:

And, finally, Photo #4:

It's hard to tell, isn't it?

It's number three!!! If you guessed it, congratulations!

Enjoy the week ahead and stay nice and warm and safe. xoxoxo

~Tom, Bridget & Penny xoxoxo