Monday, January 18, 2021

Picking on Bridget & A Trashy Joke

 Hi, friends!

Okay, raise your paw if you think I pick on Bridget too much...

Okay now, raise your paw if you think she picks on me too much...

About even? Yeah, I'll go along with that.

The latest Bridget drama is her losing weight. She's not quite ready for the runway yet, but she's dropped quite a few ounces which in the cat world, as you know, is a big step. The housekeeper has noticed a sleeker profile and I have, too. It's not like with people. You can't disguise weight with fur, although she always has looked full-bodied fluffy.

It wasn't long ago we were blaming the camera. 

Boy, didn't I have fun putting together this old pic below of Bridget as a gasbag or should I say bagpipe. Back then I got the worst grief!! She didn't meow to me for days, avoided me completely and bit me on the ears..but I recovered and so did she. 

I'll have a pic of the new lean, mean meowing machine soon. 

And this week, I'll leave you with a joke..

The trash truck arrives and the housekeeper runs out. She asks, "Am I late for the garbage?" 

Their reply: "No, hop in!"


Tom, Bridget, and Penny xoxoxo

Monday, January 11, 2021

A Gentlemanly Mancat Monday

Hello, friends!

I know, Mondays are tough. What will the week bring? Naps? Sunpuddles? Extra treats? Snow?

I say we let our beautiful Penny and her latest round of photos get us ready. She seems to be more comfortable having her picture taken, and so the housekeeper brought out her camera, shared a sunpuddle with her, and the results are fabulous! I don't mind sharing my Monday with her. Penny really doesn't have as much of an online presence as Bridget and I do. We might hog the limelight a little too much.

So, here she is - enjoy!


Such a pretty ladycat! We're happy to have her as part of our family.

Bestest purrs,

Tom, Bridget & Penny xoxoxo

Monday, January 4, 2021


 Hi, friends and a Happy New Year to you all!

It might be a new year and all, but some things just never change and never will.

In this instance, there's plenty of room at the window for both of us to share, but does it happen? Nope. If Bridget hops up first, there's no sharing. If I beat her to it, I usually am the gentleman and share.

You can just tell by this photo who arrived first (see my head hackles?!) Here I am, taking a stand...and so is she!! Hahaha...!

How did this end, you ask?

Me, on the floor, of course!

Like I said, some things never change. I'll try to be quicker on the draw next time and get to the window first!

Have a happy week, everybody 😊

Tom, Bridget and Penny xoxoxo

Monday, December 28, 2020

Guilty Party Selfie

Hi, Friends!!

Hope your Christmas was fun, filling (with super duper food) and fabulous! We had none of those...just kidding! Because of the pandemic, there was a cloud over things, but we can look forward to the New Year to change all that.

Last Christmas, we received an ottoman as a gift, just because. (Nothing received of note this year, mostly sardines, catnip and toys..ho-hum) Anyway, right after we got it, the housekeeper saw claw marks on it and went berserk. Now, my esteemed cat friend who-I have-no-choice-but-to-live-with-who-gives-me-unnecessary-baths was caught red-pawed, digging her claws in. Okay, it's not leather, but still, like a kind of vinyl that looks like leather. Well, apparently it passed the leather test with Bridget and she wanted to leave her mark(s).

So,  now we can't see the ottoman at all because it's covered in a blanket. And, the guilty party has set herself right on top of it as if nothing happened. 

 She is vile and disgusting. She claims all innocence but WE know better!!!

Leaving our happy home and turning now to the New Year ahead, we all wish you the very best in the coming months, good health and much happiness clawmarks!!


Tom, Bridget & Penny xoxoxo

Monday, December 21, 2020

Humbug Day (Who Knew?)

 Hi, friends!

Okay, so somebody decided it would be Humbug Day today. I guess we need a day where we can be Grinchy, Crabby Appletons, and all around no-so-happy with the world, kinda like A Christmas Carol's Bah Humbug, right?

Not to worry..even my bah-humbugs are funny sometimes! 

"And, you were saying...??"

Anyway, it's the Christmas season, so we wanted to share not only our wishes for holiday blessings for all of you, our friends, but also to look back at some of the Christmas highlights of celebrations past.


And, finally, a poem about Christmas Eve

Penny spending her first Christmas with us!


All our love,



Monday, December 14, 2020

Advent Calendar Blues

Hi, friends!

Question of the day: How do I make my gorgeousness fit into a tiny little doorway?

This is how, my friends. It's a tight squeeze, but here I am!!

Penny and Bridget are behind their own doors, not revealed just yet. That's all right with me. I have some peace and quiet on my very own Advent calendar. 

Hope you're enjoying your own calendar with a surprise every day!!

(Hmmm...I wonder which door they're behind..nah, I'm not going to look ahead!)


Monday, December 7, 2020

No Power

 Hi, friends!

I hope you who are spending winter with the rest of us are doing okay. What started out as 1-3 inches turned into a storm watch, then a storm warning..then, the storm! Snow, giant flakes of it, then turning to sleet after dark with high winds! I thought we'd blow away! Weather humans!! Mr. Doppler sure changed his tune in a matter of hours! Went from gentle classical to RAP..rap, get it??

After being without power which meant without heat since everything around here is electric, we're taking in some well-deserved sunshine this morning. But, we can't forget 49 degrees in the living room compared with 45 in the fridge! Anyway we found our way to all the cozy sleeping places and stayed warm and stayed lazy.

The sun is coming in nicely where Penny is sitting. She allowed me visiting privileges earlier, but I didn't stay long.

Hope there's some sunshine in your Monday to help you start the week along with our purrs.

Take care, all!

Tom, Bridget & Penny