Monday, March 12, 2018

What Was He Thinking?

The housekeeper likes to take pictures of me. It's a nuisance, but how can I blame her?

Get a load of this mancat gorgeousness!

Is this as big as she can make it? Well...! Ok, then.

The key to good photos as many of you already know, is in the pose. It turns out the best ones are when I'm thinking. I was deep in thought when she snapped this.

And this..catching the placement of the paws.

Our thinking poses are just as important as this man's here.

(I have to ask: Between you and me, isn't it strange that someone would take their clothes off and then sit down and think?)

Do you have a thinking pose?

With ever the inquiring mind, I remain,
Faithfully yours,

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Mancat Mystery

Another Monday with the sun just coming up over the treetops!

This winter has been one for the history books with the whisker-numbing cold, the snow and the ice that sent people sprawling. Jack and Will had quite the job keeping things under control as people crab-walked their way to Mass every morning.

One thing that came out of our piles of snow is a mystery. Don't know who did it. Nobody saw anything and we're still wondering how these little lines in the snow came about.

Any ideas?

It reminds me of that wormwood or something like it, little tunnels created by burrowing critters. Anyway, never saw anything like this before in all my years of window-watching. Not that there have been that many, mind you!

Maybe somebody was trying to draw something and was interrupted! We know a human didn't do it because there are no footprints leading up to it. Hmmm...

Something to ponder this week, for sure.

Have a good one!

Ever on the lookout,

Monday, February 26, 2018

Heaven, An Escape and An Appetizer

Hello, boys and girls!!

The subject came up over the weekend about how much we sleep. We cats have a free ticket to enter the Land of Nod any time we feel like it. See a cat with insomnia, never. Ever think about that?

Here I am sweetly dreaming. I must say the housekeeper took a pretty good pic of me, showing my ear tufts at their best.

I looked up some quotes about sleep and was amazed at the variety of thoughts on it:

"Sleep is one of the most innocent creatures there is and a sleepless man the most guilty."
                                                                                    ~~Franz Kafka
(didn't he wake up as a bug?)'s another:

"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake." ~~Ernest Hemingway

(Ernest, we're happy you didn't sleep too much!)

and finally, I really like this one, very inspirational, hehe:

"She used to say she could taste sleep and that it was as delicious as a BLT on fresh French bread."
                                                                                  ~~Rebecca Wells

Okay, that's enough. Time to get some grub!!
Have a good day, all!

Your obedient servant and snoozer,

Monday, February 19, 2018

Fuss and Feathers and Fruit

Oh, lord - he's still here.

Would you believe the housekeeper came by over the weekend just to make sure the priests didn't eat him? She's never here. It's the only time I find peace which was totally wrecked because of this stupid thing.

She calls it a catberry because of the ears. I call it a wuss. Cute, but still a wuss. Because of her showing up on the scene over the weekend, I found myself mostly in Will's bedroom on my windowseat. All that chattering downstairs. You wouldn't believe it. 

I already have plans for our little friend should I get my paws on him. I will decimate his seeds, wipe that smug look off his face and eat him, yum, yum, yummm....

Wait a minute! Here's a thought: Why don't I just get him and bat him under the refrigerator? Or, someplace else dark? Then he'll just disappear and nobody'll know where. He'll rot in the dust, ancient crumbs and spilled catnip. I'll have to decide. This is going to be tough.

Meanwhile, I have to face the continuing saga of the catberry, a showoff who is stealing my thunder.

Hark! What now? A photo shoot? Are you kidding me??

Let's change the subject.
Spring is in the air. Or, so they say. If it is, I sure can't see it.
I know I'm being grumpy. Thanks, friends for letting me vent.

Your soon-to-be vegetarian and always holy man,

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Mouse Gets the Message

What a Sunday I had yesterday!

The rectory was quiet, nobody around with all the activity being mostly with the priests meeting parishioners after Mass. I ducked out early. I'm sure the mouse thought I wasn't around, either.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

I heard him in the kitchen and after a little bit of patience and maneuvering, I caught him. Wow! I haven't lost my touch!

As I sat with him lying in front of me, I apologized:

Little mouse, I gave you your last rites, so you should be okay. I am a cat, after all, but I do feel badly, even though you should know any house with a cat is a danger zone.

I hope the other mice contemplating meeting me or hanging out in the kitchen for crumbs from the housekeeper's cooking will think twice.

So, for this Mancat Monday, I really proved myself! I became a mouser once again!

PS - Afterwards, I did go to my dish for my leftover breakfast of fish. Between you and me, mouse doesn't taste nearly as good.

Holy and huntingly yours,

Monday, February 5, 2018

Battle Wounds

What could be more appropriate on a day that is dedicated to our catmanliness??

Recently I was engaged in a Viking battle that we won, by the way. But, before I get into that, I have some spainin' to do:

Cats have nine lives. For me that means I have some parallel lives. I know, I thought this was bogus, too, but it explains my infrequent exploits and the traces they leave behind.

For instance, I, Father Tom Fishworthy, in an alternate universe recently was invincible Viking General Fishgar the Horrible, ruthless with man and mouse.

Here I am in my helmet. Do you like my horns?

Very proud in my full battle regalia depicted on my victory poster. I have a hankie from the Lady Fishgar tucked into my armor next to my heart.

 A leader should always be on the battlefield with his men. It's great for ESPRIT DE CLAW...!

Well, I was so caught up in everything that I didn't notice I had an injury. Alas!! A sword point down my nose, drawing blood!

And it has remained! Even though I have returned from my journey it is there for all the world to see!

The housekeeper was bereft and has gone about clucking and putting on some healing salve.

In true mancat fashion, I am enduring all the attention.

I'm hoping for at least a scar.

~All for now until my next adventure,

I am your faithful servant and courageous mancat,


Monday, January 29, 2018

Make Way for Brilliance!!

Hi, everybody on this Mancat Monday!

As we all know, there is nothing more macho than creativity. Coming up with a new idea that helps everyone is our ikigai - the Japanese word for personal fulfillment. That applies to us as cats, having missions in life appreciated by only a select few, but an important few:

But, no one here - and this brought tears to my eyes - gave two hoots or two Hail Marys for my invention or brilliance. No atta boys, no expressions of wonder. They may have bought a hundred copies of this issue, but I can see right through that!

Here is what I invented that has taken the world by storm:

The combination of CAT BOX AND SCRATCHER!! 

I think it's worthy of awards not to mention personal satisfaction. The idea that one can relieve  oneself and trim the claws right afterwards..I think is genius!

Here's a closeup. The International Order of Inventors and Engineers couldn't stop talking about it!

Sure there are a few bugs to work out, but I think this is a great way to start a new week. What say you, my friends?

Ever holy, hearty and humble,