Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Red Menace

Hi, furriends..here I am again, a day late and way too short.

Aren't I purrrty, tho??

The reason I'm here on a Tuesday? My post was displaced by a lawnmower. That's right. The whole place was in an uproar because the one the parish had crapped out, died, went to lawnmower heaven and we forgot and the grass got higher than my ears. After much mumbling about looks, we bought one from a very nice man who made it parish-worthy, complete with sanctified oil and a full gas tank.

After puffs of smoke and a few choice words, Father Jack had it running. Proud of what he'd  done, he held the bar down until our new handyman could take over. Our dear old priest barely got out of the way as the red beast roared into the grass and dandelions with a vengeance. Out everything spat and even I had to run for my life!

So, spring has officially sprung and then some!

That's it for now. I'll leave you with this thought: beware of metallic things that roar!

Covered in dandelion and weed confetti..

Faithfully yours,

Monday, May 14, 2018

A Good Weekend Carries Over

Hi, friends!

Yesterday was Mother's Day and there were a couple of people I wanted to thank. One, the housekeeper who (s)mothers me..Wait, that was mean. She's good to me, really. And, the other, is my real mother. On my Facebook Page I mentioned her and how I wouldn't be the mancat I am today had it not been for her.

I didn't mention why there, but I will here:

1. She gave me her looks. I think I had a very pretty mother.

2. I inherited her sense of humor.

3. And her kindness..

Anyway, the list goes on and on. Mothers are pretty special people, but I know not everyone is so lucky. So, we find those who are mother-like. Take my housekeeper, for instance. I'll give her points for being kind. There isn't a meal that goes by that I don't get a sampling in my dish. She worries about me, takes me to the vet way too often to suit me - meaning that dreaded one visit more than NEVER, and she sees to the men in black who think not that I should sit at God's right hand, but curled up on His lap.

I hope you all had a good Mother's Day. I'm glad we had a special day to honor those who take care of us with love, regardless of who they are.

And, remember:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If there were no moms
There would be no you!

And we CAN'T have that!


PS - Here's my Facebook Page link in case you want to visit:


        See you around!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hint! Hint!

Hullloooo!! Mancat Monday has rolled around once again!
Hope you've all been well.

I was informed over the weekend (in other words, overheard, hehe) that the housekeeper is writing an article on Maine Coon cats! That's me breed, me mateys!! I'm lapsing into my seafaring self since my ancestry came across the seas to settle in the New World like so many others seeking adventure. No, we didn't swim. That would be a mite tiring. We went on board ship and when we landed, were only too happy to get acquainted, if you know what I mean, with the ladycats. Now, I do want to dispel a rumor. We did not have a ladycat in every port!

Just so the housekeeper is fully aware of my attributes as a Maine Coon and will include them in her article, I have listed them here.

1. We are patriotic.


Now this is patriotic!

2. We like good conversation.

3. We go undercover with ease.

4. We are talkative. (I'm told I laugh at my own jokes, tho. I'll have to quit that)

There's so much more! My attributes are endless!

I hope she takes my suggestions to heart. I'll let you know how it goes!

By the way, I ran into Hairy Harry and he only had five out of the twenty he owes me. He had some excuse. Something about coins and no pockets.

I get my roman flea collar next week.

All for now,


Monday, April 30, 2018

Just Because I Have Claws..

Hello, fellow mancats and ladycats!

Can a cat be in the doghouse? Well, from my experience, they certainly can whether they deserve to be there or not.

I do not.

Look at this. The housekeeper is so upset. You know how I can tell? She has two cowlicks on her head and they're both standing on end! It's hysterical and it's all over a journal she keeps with her "Tom notes" she calls them. And, this is what I supposedly did to the back of it.

I deny all charges. Must have been someone or something else with claws. Maybe a crow. A dog, maybe? Or a mouse with a leather fetish. Do I look like a detective?

When she approached me all wild and woolly, I stayed calm.

Someone has to. If it were not for my calming influence, this whole place would go to hell in a handcart with three wheels.

No other news. Just enjoying spring and getting outside. 

Take care, all. If you see Harry the Hairy Horker, tell him he still owes me twenty bucks and a fillet of fish.

As always,

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Bard Meets the Mancat

Hello, oh great fans of the Bard - aka William Shakespeare!

Today is his birthday. I don't know where or how he's celebrating, but I'll bet he's still writing his sonnets and his plays. Just because you pass on doesn't mean you quit. They probably had pen (or quill) and paper ready for him when he entered the pearly gates. You didn't know there was a little heavenly general store, did you?

Before I get carried away with my imagination, let me share with you my own personal tribute.

Friends, how could I resist? Don't I make a great Bard?

I confess I did take some liberties with his sonnet, but what's a cat to do? I might just have a couple more up my velvet sleeve..

Let's see:

"Unthrifty loveliness, why dost thou spend (William)
With thoughts of credit limits without end?"(Tom)

"Then let not winter's ragged hand deface (William)
When spring and flowers can take its place." (Tom)

"In faith I do not love thee with mine eyes (William)
There are other parts long since revised." (Tom)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare. Thanks for the material!

Admiringly yours,

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tomcat Tuesday

Hello, efurrybody,

I am embarrassed to say that the housekeeper completely forgot what day it was yesterday. So, no regular post. Nothing. I even forgot, but she's supposed to remember first.

When Mancat Monday rolls around again, our dear chief cook and bottle washer will have seen something pasted all over to remind her not to forget her most important duty. Do you think this will get the message across?
I sure hope so!!

I plan to have Will make copies of this and stick it everywhere..including the fridge, the junk room, the doors and over by the stove. This way, she'll have a few days to let this sink in.

Also, to address lingering purrnative damages, I am insisting on fresh cod, baked to perfection appearing in my food dish. Not tuna, not salmon, but flaky - bones removed - tasty, cod.

All this should put us all back on track to move forward.

Come to think of it, I think this should be pasted over the pantry near the food, treats and nip so she doesn't forget to order those. I just can't take a chance that I'll be without the really important stuff as absentminded as she's getting to be.


So, on this Tomcat Tuesday, I wish you all good health and a blessed day.

Remindingly yours,

Monday, April 9, 2018

CWB ~ Cat With Benefits

The guys are tossing around the idea..what? you don't have enough up in the air already?...of loaning me out to other parishes that don't have a parish cat.

I don't know if they're kidding or not, but the idea has me thinking.

How would we do this?

A.  I don't like riding in cars

B. I don't like Protestants...haha just wanted to see if you followed me this far! Of course, faith doesn't matter to me. I just want people to be kind.

C. There must be a rule somewhere about cats becoming items for the sheer purpose of public relations.

Now, I would suggest and I know Will would understand what I have to say:

Arrange for the different parishes to get their own cats from a shelter. Lord knows there are so many kitties that need to be adopted and what better home than a parish rectory? Heck, get a couple!!

Our membership has increased since I arrived on the scene and I know it would help the other places, too.

My two cents. Let's see what happens!!

Not ever to become shopworn, I am

Devotedly yours,