Monday, September 21, 2020

Dark Shadows

Hi, furry folks and peoples!

Where's the heat? Even toy mice are looking to get warm!

It is so COOOOOLD!!!

I hope you're all warm where you are. Bridget, Penny and I are feeling Mother Nature's cold temps lately, with shortened time in our sun puddles and finding we lose light so quick! Here I'll be thinking it's later in the day, but no, it's really suppertime. I don't like the chillyness and early darkness descending with all my windows lowered, then closed. Notice I said MY windows!

With all this going on, Bridget is finding other things to amuse her. She likes shadows and swears this shadow is acting on its own! I tell her it's her imagination at first. Shadows are just that - shadows of ourselves and what we're doing.

She's not so sure. I have to admit, this shadow is looking a bit odd.

Anyway, all's well here except she can't seem to leave Penny alone. That's another thing. I guess these two will just have to get used to each other.


For me, I'll just be looking for a warm spot to snuggle up in. Maybe even a lap!

Have a good week!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Two VIPs - The Mailman and the Goodies Man!

Hello from my windowseat!!

Actually, I don't SIT in my seat, I lie here, eyes half-closed, taking in the sun...


You guessed it! The mailman stops by!  I can always tell it's him because his little putt-putt has an engine with a unique sound and it always looks like it's carrying something really important. 

For us, it could be anything, but for me, sometimes I get mail, but most of the time I might get a nod from the mailman as he pops our delivery into the box and turns around and gets back into his truck. He must get plenty of exercise. Not everyone's mailbox is down close to the street like ours is.

When I get really excited is when a much bigger truck arrives with MY stuff. Of course, it would take a bigger truck. He comes a little closer and, for all the banging and heaving of goodies, I don't really react the same way as I do with the mailman. Don't know why. I guess there's just no mystery to litter, food and cat toys that come once in a blue moon a month.


In PENNY news..

She now has the run of the house and we pretty much all go our separate ways. Yesterday, Bridget took her afternoon nap in the living room, Penny curled up on the bed upstairs, and I was up in the attic. Yeah, I think we all like our space!

Anyway, we're getting used to each other more and more each day and we know we're all loved the same. I was worried Penny would get all the attention, but I think there's enough to go around!

All for now and thanks for the Gotcha Day well wishes. It was great!

TOM 💛😺


Monday, September 7, 2020

Hey, Hey! It's My Gotcha Day!

Hi effurrybody!

I'm soooo excited! I'm now 12. 12 big ones. A happy dozen. Ten plus two!!

I am so excited that I picked the wrong photo to celebrate with, at first. Too excited to read it right, I thought it said Gotcha Day, but I was wrong!!!!! Dummy me!! Hahahaha!

Instead, I meant to put this on:

This is the housemom's doing. She gets all kissy face on days like this.

All I care about is groovin' all day and into the night and plenty of nip to share!! We might even form a conga line if Bridget and Penny can keep up!

So, effurrybody, gather 'round and help us celebrate!


Monday, August 31, 2020

What's In a Name?

 Hi, furry friends!

I have a problem. Me and the rest of us - Bridget and Penny - think we should refer to the woman who's at our beck and call by something shorter and maybe sounding a little better than housekeeper. It's a meowthful and I'm tired of having to say it.

I was given the responsibility of finding something new to call her. Everything lands on my shoulders, but what's a cat-in-charge supposed to do?

Okay, so I looked in the house thesaurus (the only dinosaur surviving, get it?) and words for housekeeper - discovered between housecoat and house of prostitution, whatever that is - has words like charwoman, domestic artist, dayworker, *yawn*. . Finally, I told Bridget to try looking up slave..

Nevermind..had to do it myself. 

It says a slave is...dependent, subordinate (I like that one), fawning, groveling, prostrate...Hey this is fun!! Hahahahaha!

We still didn't solve the problem of what to call our housekeeper besides, "Hey, you!!" 

Wait...we could call her Miss M. Isn't there a movie called The Divine Miss M with Bette Midler? What a brainstorm! Glad we solved that problem and, best of all, it should guarantee some treats!! 


Tom, Bridget and Penny xxx

Monday, August 24, 2020

Bridget's Ultimatum

Hi, furry folks!

Even though I'm a parish cat and an honorary priest doesn't mean I know a whole lot of Latin. I do know what ultimatum means and I will address it here.

Bridget claims she has not been on my blog for a whole month and will expose some unsavory aspects of my past if I don't do a post on her. Of course, I'd like to do a job on her, but that's out of the question. I don't like threats. Especially tortie threats.

Anyhow, given no choice, I'm going to post some photos of her just to keep peace in the valley and around here, too.

 This was back in the day when she played fetch and had a more sleek physique. Even early on, she had that evil adorable look in her eyes.


Here she was hoping to get the message across that she would make as good a priest as I. Since we're Episcopal, there's a good chance, as long as she stays out of trouble my face.


And, finally, here is her most convincing pose that she can be sweet and cute when she wants to be (fluffy, too). So, I guess we'll bury the hatchet in one of our many litter boxes and give our friendship a kick in the teeth fresh start.

Having too much fun for a Monday!


Monday, August 17, 2020

Penny Update and Our First Meeting!

Hi, fellow kitties on this Mancat Monday!

As promised, we have quite the update for you all, including photos..we'll do those first:

She loves Bouncy Mouse...

And then, there's her scratcher (handed down from Bridget and me) with a yummy dusting of nip!

As I mentioned in the last post, Penny was a stray who decided to stay, part Siamese with a beautiful coat that you can see in these photos. She's only 6.2 pounds, very tiny and cute as a button! The housekeeper calls me Grandpa Tom just to make Penny feel safe, hehe, but no worries. I did meet her face-to-face already..

And, it happened by mistake!

We had a problem with our fridge over the weekend and there was a lot of scurrying going on, food taken out, the unit unplugged to thaw and ice put in afterwards. With all the back and forth and the ice being in the sunroom, the door was left open and in I went!!

Penny and I were about a foot apart and she was so sweet, no hissing, just a shy smile.

We received big congrats from the housekeeper, at first worried, but happy everything went well.

Oh, and the fridge has recovered for now, back to the same grunts and noises we've heard all along.

Have a good week, friends!


Monday, August 10, 2020

A New Penny!

We have a little excitement going on here! After following the housekeeper around the yard, a stray kitty has found her way into our home. Her place for the moment is in the sunroom with space to play and sleep and for Bridget and I to get acquainted, at a distance, for now.

We asked around and everyone's kitty was accounted for. One who looked like her  and missing had a phone number that wasn't working. Yes, the housekeeper tried everything to find the parent. You could tell she had been well loved. I wonder sometimes if those of us facing our humans packing and moving don't freak out. Movers, doors propped open, nobody paying attention, and too much going on to notice our disappearance. I've moved once. I hope I never have to do it again.

Anyway, here she is - Penny Waxwing. She's named after birds frequenting out blueberry bushes and because the housekeeper likes bird names for cats. About three years old, she is part Siamese and instead of my going on and on, I'll just share pics of her outside and after she joined Bridget, the housekeeper and me.

Welcome to our home, sweetie pie!

Laser eyes!!!  Had me spellbound!

More about us next week!