Monday, September 16, 2019

Don't Have My Own Billboard, So..

Hi, effurryone!

Hope all's well with all of you -

I like this blog since I get to go into more detail about my thoughts and feelings. Recently, I had this great idea to send messages via my scratcher! Would you believe it?

This way, I make it clear I am NOT to be disturbed unless there's a real emergency.

Sometimes I get a little carried away. What the heck - I'm a cat and one known for my feisty reputation, and I have to make sure I live up to that!

So, anyway...what message would you put on your scratcher for your human?

Have fun and tune in next time,

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hoochie-Coochie on Gotcha Day

My Gotcha Day was this weekend and, as usual, the housekeeper went overboard.

I had so much nip, I can't be accountable for what I did or said. Someone claimed I did a crazy dance to this guy playing, but they could be exaggerating. I don't remember a thing.

What I do remember is my arrival at the rectory and online six years ago on the 7th of September.
That's what I've been told. My pocket calendar got lost somewhere along the way!

A lot of fuss, but a milestone on the best move I ever made in my entire life. It's no fun wandering the streets, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, whether you'll get chased and scared, or whether someone will actually be kind. You just never know. I ate a baby snake once, I was so hungry.

Anyway, you'll excuse me while I catch up on my sleep. I thank the Man Upstairs that this craziness only comes around once a year. As I get older, I can stand the celebrations less and less.

Have you Gotcha Days coming up? If you do, go easy on the nip and pay no attention to ladycats who promise you hearts and flowers. If you're a ladycat, just because he has a motorcycle, doesn't mean you have to kickstand your heart!

Love y'all bunches!


Monday, September 2, 2019

Reminiscing on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

Oh, boy - when I look back!!

It's been quite the ride, this clerical adventure. Here I am, a cat priest with Walter Mitty-type adventures, sometimes going back in time to the days of Washington or, for Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims' meal with the Indians. It's fun imagining myself there, having a bit of undocumented New World moonshine and food dropped by hungry attendees. See me? (Bottom right-hand corner)

Then, there was this - totally unexpected and made me all happy inside!

Then, I awoke. Darn!

I tried thinking of me with William Tell and the arrow through the apple on my head, but I figured even with my imagination, it would just be too dangerous!!

On the home front, I became friends with Bridget de la Furr who doesn't travel with me back in time, but sure makes herself known in my present life. Both in a good way and bad. She can be a real pain in the neck, but she's my friend, so I overlook her faults. (She's the one with her paws over my tag line so it reads "Cat turned pest." See what I mean?

Hope you have a good holiday! Not much going on here and as far as labor is concerned, that applies only when I feel like it. Typical feline, eh?

Celebrating the sweat of my brow,

Monday, August 26, 2019

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Hi, furry folks!

The rectory is getting painted this week, starting today, so this entry will be short. I have to snoopervise from my window to make sure everything goes according to plan. The housekeeper is a wreck, but will no doubt make it festive. I'm surprised she hasn't baked anything for them, but she has provided the men with sparkling water in case they get thirsty. It's hard work!

All this fuss has made me super conscious of the inside of the house, too. There's a loft ladder that will take you up to where things are stored and I like to go up there and sleep. Going up is the easy part, especially for us cats, but the hard part is having to come back down.

I always get dizzy!

Actually, it's not too bad. I always forget about the coming down part when I'm anticipating a nice, long nap in a corner to curl up in. For the longest time, nobody knew where I was. That was so funny!

Hope you all have a good week ahead!

Off to nestle in my hidden nest,

Monday, August 19, 2019

Nine Lives? All I Need is One

How many times have I heard this thing about nine lives!

And there are all kinds of myths and legends about where it came from Bast, a Celtic goddess (sounds good to me!) and that nine is a magical number and something about witches changing back and forth from cat to witch and back to cat again. That one's got me. Can you imagine..? Do they use phone booths like Superman? Or do they go to dress shops and really change in the fitting room? Inquiring cats want to know...!

As for me, I was a stray and had a few close calls, but I found myself a good home where there's always food and plenty of attention. Sometimes there's too much, but I have escape routes and do duck and cover, ha!

Now, if I have any lives left, I'll just pass the extras along to anycat who might need them. Sound good?

I'll stick with what I've got. I only need one now and this one's pretty darn good!

Contented down to my toes,

Monday, August 12, 2019

We"re Baaaaack!!!

Hello, effurrybody and the guy in the red satin tux..(I don't know who he is. Besides, I just made him up!)

I missed everybody while our computer was down. It was like a member of the family had to go to the hospital. I guess staying at a tech place for a few days to get repaired is like the same thing.

Here's how I initially reacted to the news that everything was getting back to normal:

I know. I can be an ass.

But, after I thought about it, I got really excited.

I did miss you guys and I'm happy to be back on here, ready to read your comments and let me know how you're doing! (I'll come visit, too - I'll even call first...just kidding!)


If you want to be in on the celebration of our return, go to Fr. Tom Fishworthy on Facebook!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Son of a Buzzard

Hi, everybody and all the ships at sea!

That first line has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm posting here today,
but I thought it had a nice ring to it.

I'll get right to the subject of our conversation. A certain feathered creature is driving me nuts. I won't show the hellish nuisance here, because that's just what that attention-seeking, loud, tree-perching son of a buzzard wants.

I'm sure you get the idea when I show you what he looks like:

Yes, a C-R-O-W..a Cat Razzing Overly Wicked bird.

Whoever drew him tried to sweeten it all up with flowers and a key, but let me tell you - crows don't keep their beaks closed long enough to hold anything! They squawk and squawk up in my trees and all my menacing looks just don't work! I'm at my wit's end!

If any of you have any suggestions on how to deal with them, let me know. The housekeeper will occasionally throw out some old bread and that has to stop! But, I don't think that's it. Maybe they have something to say to me? Bird is not a second language for me, unfortunately.

Trying to stay unflappable,