Monday, July 15, 2019

Cool Stuff..Kinda, Sorta, Maybe

Guess what!

I made a discovery just yesterday.
Did you know when you go to type "LOL" but you're at the wrong keys next to it, it comes out "KIK?"

Silly, I know, but I had to tell you. That's in case you didn't know already. Inquiring minds need to be satisfied, right?

And here's something: This weird happening with the housekeeper's and my silhouettes on the wall.

Now, I was in the far window and the sun, as bright as it was, cast my shadow on the far wall opposite. The housekeeper couldn't leave well enough alone. She had to stick her head up while sitting on the couch. Anyway, it looks like we're cuddling and I'm bigger than she is, KIK!!!!!

Shadows are fun, but this is just another instance where I notice the cool stuff and have to be the one to point it out.

Next time you're sunbathing, see if a shadow is sitting behind you!

Next time I'll be Batman,

Monday, July 8, 2019

Housekeeper Gets Wigged

Hey, guys -

You're not gonna believe what happened. The housekeeper is so mad!
I've never seen her this crazy and here, I thought I was doing her a favor.

You see, it's shedding season right now. I'm gagging on my fur when I groom myself, throwing up furballs all over the place. The housekeeper felt sorry for me and started giving me major brushings and combings and before you know it, there's this pile of fur. And, that's not even all of it. There's a mat I wouldn't let her near. Too ticklish. So, there'll be more.

Can you believe all this came from my hide? I swear I'm ten pounds lighter.

She said she would send it off to a place that turns fur into yarn and get a sweater made. I thought that was great; I thought we could stuff a pillow and make a nice soft one. But, before I made that suggestion, I had a funny thought.

But I didn't tell her.
I started to giggle...

Listen! Yeah! It could be a wig! A wig for the housekeeper! I can see this pile on her head now, hahahaha!!
She must have sensed I was up to no good and got all mad. She thinks I'm laughing at her. Well, most of the time, I am.

Hey, all seriousness aside, if you think it'll make a nice wig, you let me know, ok? I want to donate it to a worthy cause and her head is as good as anything I can think of.

Sincerely flipping over a wig,

Monday, July 1, 2019

Stir Crazy


When rabbits decide to get on airplanes, where do they fly out of??


Silly me.

So, howya been?

I'm just trying to keep my sanity. The idea of taking a trip has me thinking. Do you ever get bored with the same routine day after day? Even though our humans do everything they can to make us happy, give us toys, places to sleep and climb and open the windows for heavenly whiffies, it can get a little depressing.

It was raining. Of course, that doesn't help and even though I stay on church grounds, I don't go out when pelting raindrops muss my furs. So one rainy day, I made it a point to log in my activity. Boy, was it dull! Windows closed, no sun and nothing special. Even people don't come to visit. Smells 24 hours old can get dull. So, there's not even that.

Sometimes I spice things up in my mind with a little creative imagination about where I might be or who I might be, but that doesn't happen all the time and I share with you most of that stuff. Here's a perfect a race car driver winning races and smelling good for the ladies!

Vroooom! Vroooom!

This is the life!

How do you spice ...ahem, up rainy days??

Smelling manly,

Monday, June 24, 2019

Nocturnal Can Mean Creepy

Hi, gang!

The housekeeper had to paint today so i had absolutely no help with my blog, so I was stuck. It wasn't until now, the end of the day that we - and I use that term loosely - are getting it done.

I - maybe I did put her off with this subject - am nocturnal. That doesn't mean I'm adept at composing classical music like a nocturne or anything like that. It means I roam around and get into stuff when everybody's asleep.

I have free reign with nobody to stop me, tell me to get off the counters, off the top of the armoire, finish my food, and it's quiet except for night sounds. Yep, nighttime is a whole 'nother world. I catch glimpses from the window of animals I don't see around during the day. As long as I don't see two-legged ones looking back at me!

I am totally aware of everything around me. I don't miss a thing, day or night.

Want to fill me in on what goes on at your house when everyone's asleep?

Through a house darkly,

Monday, June 17, 2019

Window Dressing or Drama?

Hi, effurybody!!

Another day
Another week
I'm so lucky
With my ability to speak!! Hahaha!!

Get a load of this..

Peace on the windowsill

Ladidadidah....ho hum..::sigh::

And then!!!

Was it a bird..or a plane..or, er..nothing??

Conclusion: Excitement can happen in an instant! (and last just as long, haha)

Have an excitin' week, my furriends and grab those instants for all they're worth!!

Adrenalinly yours,

Monday, June 10, 2019

Sniff an Angel Good Morning

Hi, everybody!

If it weren't for services on Sundays, I wouldn't know it was Monday. Even then, I get forgetful.
Here I am, after lunch - my lunch of turkey and salmon and it just occurred to me I hadn't done my post for today.

So, here goes.

Even though I didn't do a post, doesn't mean I haven't been thinking. Yes, indeed, we cats do think, ponder, reflect, even empty our brains meditate.

I was thinking about angels the other day. There's a whole slew of them in the church and I didn't really notice them until my friend Bridget brought up the subject. Only thing is, she doesn't know how to behave around them.

You don't sit on their heads and sniff.
I listened in horror as she admitted to doing that and here's proof. She says they smell like bumblebees and baby lotion. At least this one did. I didn't even notice.

I prefer to cuddle and snooze.

I have to know - are there any angels in your life?

Angelic at all times,

Monday, June 3, 2019

Innard Relief

Hey, kitties!

Do you ever find yourself obsessing about one thing, not realizing it until you look back?

It was that way with me all last week, obsessing about what I put into my innards to make everything work better. To show you what I mean, here's an example:

Grass is good for the digestion and, just to let you know, I gummed my way through this right after the photo was taken!!

Then, there's soft butter with yogurt which I have a dab of every morning to grease my innards.

Good thing. The cat box isn't exactly the most fun place to hang out!

Hope your week has you smooth sailing!