Monday, February 24, 2014

Just One Look

Our Anastasia has made it onto the Cat Blogosphere calendar for today and we can just feel the tingle of celebration in the air and the high anticipation of a blog post after all this time. Our little purr muffin is the reason we've finally gotten our act together.

Please allow us to share who she is in one sentence:

She is our overseer, cuddlebug and hissing Rasputin all rolled into one.

Tinker will humbly accept a wink and a nod when she finds it in her heart to dispense favors, cuddling for photo opportunities which, of course, sends the poor man--weak at the knees--over the moon.

A ladycat deserving of all things, especially our affections.

Oh, by the way, her veterinarian pronounces her name Ah-nah-stah-si-a, explaining that she prefers to say it the Russian way. Her royal highness says that's fine with her. :)

Hope you all are well, especially knowing spring is coming with its warm sunpuddles and flowers.

Take care,
Chopin, Tinker, Anastasia and Mom Julie