Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How Time Flies!

Oh, my stars, have I neglected this blog for such a long time, since June!
I can't believe it.

Now I'm trying to think of all that's happened to distract me from my blogging duties:

The housekeeper moved. She never lived in the rectory, anyway, so it didn't affect me, but I heard all about it. People living in the condos next door started moving around, too, for some reason. One person moved up on the third floor and another dropped to the garden level. I just can't keep track, but I do try to keep my nose in all things.
(in between naps, confessions, Masses and homage paid by fans..)

Ahhh....Father Will's throw, soft and makes me mellow.

Anyway, the holiday season is coming up and before I get out my jingle bells and the turkey gets baked, I wanted to say hello. That's if anybody's still out there..

Hellllooooooo!! Oh, bless you. One person! Nevermind, just the mailman.

~ Purr. If you can't purr, smile.