Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sock Sorting Saturday

Hi, Bridgie here--

Boy, did I have a surprise this morning! Mom's all ambitious and, wouldn't you know it, I had to get caught up in it! Next thing I know, she's in the sock drawer, going into shock.

"We need to pair socks! This is getting out of hand!" she shrieks. And, of course, my help is required.
Here's how it went:


Socks to the left of me, socks to the right
None of them paired, it's such a fright!

There's a sock for all my colors
But none like me in sight!

Shhhh! She left the room, so I think I'm okay
Where's my Birdie? I wanna play!

Oh! What me not working?
How can that be?
Mom sneaked in and is now looking at me!

No harm done, she says.
Putting the socks away
We'll find mates for these others
Another day.