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I am Father Tom Fish, esteemed member of the religious team at Temptation of Christ Parish in the novels by author Julie Mackenzie. As to my background, I was invited into the rectory as a stray, laid on the charm, and was invited to stay, even honorarily ordained and no less spiritual than my sidekick Father Will. He dotes on me to high heaven and forgives all of my street cat proclivities, whatever the hell that means.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Left - One, Two, Three..

I know..

You're wondering what the old parish boys are up to this time.

With the title of the post being what it is

It could be only one thing

Tinker is trying to teach me how to dance.

I know, I know..

It looks like he's doing more holding me up than anything else.

He's very patient, but we're going nowhere fast

Finally, I give up and we call it a day.

My favorite grampie's blanket

So, furriends

I guess if I'm invited to a cat-illion,

you'll see me by the punchbowl instead of on the dance floor

since it appears I have two left (hind) feet.


Friday, March 15, 2013

A Fairy Tail: Catpunzel

Once upon a time in a kingdom not that far away

Lived a cat..a boy cat.

Because he was so fair of face and fair of fur,

His pawrents kept him locked away (sorry, we couldn't find a tower)

One fair maiden was determined to see him

To be with him, keep him company

But, she couldn't reach him.

Then, an idea struck

He turned around and


She climbed up

They exchanged nosekisses and ran away.

Last we heard, they were living their happily ever after.



Thanks, Tinker for being such a good Catpunzel!

Nosekisses to all!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Shadow Giant

We're baaaaack!

We took a week off 'cause Mom Julie was out of town and now, with camera ever-handy, she's taking pictures of us without missing a beat.

Here is an interesting shot that makes Tinker look like a giant..his ears come up to her waist..!

Isn't it cool when the sun makes us look larger than life?

I still couldn't understand how it was happening, so I gave it the old sniff test.

Didn't learn a darn thing, really.

Tinker snickered and said it was magic, or something about sunspots and gravity.

That scientific nincompoop. (I like saying that word, esp. since the word poop is in it)

It's the angle of the sun is my conclusion, but I go along.

Out loud, I say, "Whatever floats your boat, bro."

Julie here~

You guys make a terrific shot, both of you. And, Tom, don't look so pitiful. You'd be just as tall if you were in Tinker's place, I guarantee it!

Have a great weekend everybody.

Enjoy your own time in the sun if you can!