Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Wing and a Prayer

Ode to a Collection Plate

Oh, finest vessel of red and gold
You carry spare change
They have, you hold
Besides the bills and coins will be
Bubblegum, toy mice and origami!

This time, the collection plate will carry all of the names of people who entered the contest for the Angel & Cat figurine. This fancy, velvet-lined, brass-plated, oversized cat dish is the only thing worthy of holding the names of my fans. I have it on good authority that this plate is similar to ones used in the finest cat restaurants where you sniff corks, waiters fold towels over their sleeves, and you don't jump down off your chair when you drop something.

Anyway, our first contest is over and I want to thank each and every one of you who entered. Not only did you enter, but you wrote notes, too. Now, if you missed out, there'll be another contest, trust me. In fact, between you and me and the litterbox, the giveaways for the next one have arrived from the UK and are being saved for around Christmas. That's the only scoop I have. My lips--lips?--are sealed.

An update on the parrot--his beak should be sealed. What a loudmouth. Now, people are coming to the rectory just to hear him speak. Jack thought it would be fun to sneak him into the confessional. You never know what that man will do, or the bird, for that matter.

So, we'll have the drawing tomorrow as planned. We'll ring the bell and make the announcement. Good luck to all!



Brian said...

I am sure the winner will be delighted...wonderful contest!

Harry Spotter said...

This is exciting....We can't wait to see who the winner is.