Saturday, July 10, 2010

Never, Ever Land

Name one cat who likes to go to the vet. Worst part is, we never see it coming which really gets me. We somehow get the hint though, when out of nowhere, comes the flying cage.

This is the new one (the old one had a sort of Sing-Sing look to it) except that Mary Lou says it kills her back. Regardless, it sits by the front door, menacing with purpose. The top gets unzipped and I get stuffed into it, like a bear into a funnel and I voice my displeasure with cusswords that haven't even been invented yet.

Make no mistake. If the vet place flew a flag, it would read: "Home of the Fightin' Tooth and Nail." We meet the troops just inside the door. It's nuts. Flying cages everywhere, sitting, of course in the middle of the floor or by some owners' legs. There are dogs, too, untrained mutts flinging kisses and slobbers (not like our cat fans). They are not required to be housed in anything which, to me, is grossly unfair. Anyway, we all await our turn.

Just looking around, you know this is one of those situations when there's a legitimate excuse for anarchy and mischief. I know I won't get a shot at either until the cage is ditched and the doors of the examining rooms get into full swing--literally.

Once, I had the whole place in an uproar and had the best time. I got out of one of the rooms, everybody was running down the hall after me--that is, until this white-coated, center-fielder type scooped me up under my belly and swung me around and with a heave-ho, handed me back to Mary Lou. The waiting room saw everything. They cheered, dogs barked and the cats hissed (they were showing their support). Ignoring all, Mary Lou stuffed me and my indignity back into the cage and paid the bill.

I don't go to the vet very often, but when I do, each and every time it's an adventure, even though it comes at a price. The housekeeper is considering an all-cats vet everybody likes, but I don't know. I'll miss my buddies down at the 'Nail.


Don't forget the drawing! Only two more weeks for the "Angel with Cat." Anyone can enter. Even dog lovers who haven't been converted yet. You can go to the contact/links page of the site in my address book on this page and leave your name and email info. Only one entry per email, please!

Good luck, my friends and thanks!



Brian said...

Bravo, you really put up a good fight at the Vet! I hope all was well with your Vet visit!

Furkidsmom said...

What fun it must be at your V-E-T's office!

Mom wants to know how she can find your Mom's books???

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Father Tom said...

Hi, Brian,
Anytime I go to the vet, no matter what happens, it makes a good story!

Hi, Sniffie and the Florida Furkids,
I don't know what to tell you on the book. I'm getting so nervous, I'm going to declaw myself! (Not really.) If J.R. would just stop fooling with it, we can get it published already..Jeez. 'Til then, you have my posts. Thanks so much for commenting!