Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's summer. People are coming and going, mostly going, and Mary Lou, in a fit of loose screws decided to "sit" some pets for parishioners--for a modest Temptation contribution, of course.

Since Memorial Day, we've had a gecko, another cat--a female who only stayed a few days and I got to play host--and a pair of rabbits.

The other day, one of the ladies in the auxiliary brought over her parrot since she and her husband were going away for a month. Well, guess what. She shouldn't have done that because the bird won't shut up, says nasty things, and I'm about to snatch it from its perch.

It's embarrassing the things he says. For instance, instead of "Polly wants a cracker" which is stupid anyhow, he says, "Polly wants crack." Hey, you're missing a few syllables there, birdbrain!

I think Mary Lou's a little sick of him, too, and we've just got the month started. During the summer, Jack cuts back on his games with the men's group, so when he got a few guys together, he made the mistake of having the parrot see his cards. Everybody thought it was hilarious. I was so close to that idiot's tail, I almost got him (the bird, not Jack).

Hope you're having a good summer. It's been hot and Will's been a real nag about my Maine coon mats, but Jack and Mary Lou told him to put a lid on it. She brushes me and cuts them off herself which makes for great cuddle time.

We're supposed to have a chihuahua here next week, complete with sequins. What the heck is this? Vegas?

Last call for angels and cats. Be sure to enter the drawing! Remember, the paw that posts is the paw that draws the winning name! 

Take care, everybody. And always keep all four feet on the ground, even if you only have two.



Brian said...

Wow, you've had all kind of critters around fur sure. I'm very proud of you for being so patient witht the visiting ones. I hope you manage to get plenty of naps!

Father Tom said...

Mary Lou's in charge of the bird. As long as I have my pillow on the windowsill and she doesn't bring him in there, I'll get my naps. Everybody got a postcard. It said "Wife and bird missing. Reward for bird." (hartyharhar..)

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Hello Tom!
We've seen your blog mentioned at the Cat Blogosphere and are finally getting around to coming by to meet you. We have just finished reading your archives and you live quite the interesting life! We've enjoyed your stories!
We are 3 cats from Minnesota and have been blogging for 5 years. Tom, you and I look a great deal alike!

Pierro said...

Hello Tom. it appears that you are having a very exciting summer with plenty of laughs and naps!
I hope today you have a bonkful day!
and bonkbonk

Father Tom said...

Hi, Shaggy,
Yes, you and I do look a lot alike--we should share a nip sometime!
Pierro, It's always good to see you. I live to bonk!