Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Housekeeper's Birthday

It was Mary Lou's birthday yesterday. We had a little party last night, but all I have is this picture of the cake with some strange woman. A ghost, maybe? Jack insisted on using his throwaway camera and it looks like a cross between a birthday party and a seance! "Happy Birthday to you-oooooooooooooo!" Okay, okay. Mary Lou was very happy. She cried at her presents and hugged everyone who could make it and the rectory almost burned to the ground. Will (I think that's his hand) says next year to make it just one candle instead of enough to start a bonfire.

I like parties. As long as I'm not stepped on. What makes them especially fun for cats is that people bring all sorts of smells with them. So any get-together becomes a smorgasbord of savory whiffs or not so savory. One time there was a new parishioner. Although he was nice, I could smell something very metallic and sour. It turned out he was wanted by the authorities for a crime having to do with washing money or some such thing. I get confused.

I made my rounds especially to where Pat Gubbers was sitting. In spite of her comb-over and spider web earrings, I really think she's sweet. She deliberately dropped food so I could find it under her chair..


Brian said...

I think you're on to something...that might be a ghost in that picture. Be careful of the food droppings, last time I scarfed something it was hot and spicy and made my slobber all over the place...yuck! Glad you had fun at the party! Have a wonderful weekend!

Harry Spotter said...

Curious! We love a good party too. Have a great weekend.