Friday, January 15, 2010

Cats 'n Rats 'n Elephants...

Let everything that has breath
                Praise the Lord.
                         --Psalm 150:6

I have reached a cat's nirvana beyond belief. My ecstasy at the mere thought that such an organization as AFRMA exists, sends my blood racing and my dreams into delighted fantasy!

To those at the AFRMA, I am begging on bended knee, all four of them--alright, make that two--to be on the Board of Directors. Wouldn't that be great? Coming up on January 23rd, they're having their annual convention in Riverside, CA. I can't go, but you can bet I'll be there in spirit!

The organization started because rats are always getting a bad rap. No, they do not carry bubonic plague (that was during the time when human waste floated around in mud puddles and cats developed their fear of water). According to the folks at AFRMA, rats are playful, use litter boxes (that's a new one--probably hit their target better) and they cuddle with their owners like cats. The cuddling is where I draw the line. But, I shouldn't be so mean.

You see, they only have a couple of years to live. I heard the rat life span averages only two, that's right, two years. Hold up two fingers, Vinnie! What would I do if I met a rat? Introduce myself, silly!

Another meow-out to new friend Brian, a South Carolina cat! Speaking of cats now, call me crazy, but I think Vinnie is trying to curry favor with the housekeeper. He heads over here totally uninvited, but so far hasn't been let in. Thank God. One cat around here is enough.

Father Will's going to be gone for a few days. 



Brian said...

Hey Tom, just face it, you're getting a following and Vinnie will no doubt tell others! Oh Rats, I would vote for you!!!

Harry Spotter said...


Father Tom said...

Hi, guys..
How goes it? Thanks so much for your comments. Really
appreciate it. We actually haven't had any rodent problems
since shortly after I arrived at Temptation.

Have a good week. We're busy here getting ready for Mary Lou's birthday. She's thirty-nine and holding---again.