Monday, January 22, 2018

Where Is Everybody?

Hi, guys!!

Happy Mancat Monday to all of you. Here I am for my regularly scheduled, haha!

I heard somewhere that this is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. What I want to know is where does everybody go when the ground is covered in snow?

Now, I see footprints outside, so I know we have visitors and when I see them I run all over the place, window to window to catch a glimpse. They manage just a quick hello, saying they have to keep moving to stay warm. Poor things.

I was told the chipmunks hide under the little shed that sits next to the rectory. Don't see them much at all. Squirrels run around when it gets a little warmer, chasing each other up and down trees getting rid of cabin fever and those pesky couch potato ounces. I go room to room and make up adventures, but that's for another mancat post another day.

Another question - am I allowed two? Could I invite them in? That would be fun and I promise to put all predatory thoughts on hold. Let's see what the housekeeper says..(not a snowball's chance, I'm sure.)

If any of you are outside and you see me, give a tail-up wave, won't you? We'll chat longer when the windows are open and there's no more cold and no more snow..

Til then, stay safe friends and meet me here again next week!

Ever hearty and holy,

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Stubborn Mate

Hi, all!

Yesterday the temperatures nosedived and I mean down the nose!!

We were all cozy and warm but keeping an eye on the outside temps, relieved it was still around 32 degrees. In the morning 32, mid-day 32, evening 32 degrees. Same temp. Didn't move.

We got suspicious.

This morning. Again, 32 degrees.

We finally came to the conclusion that after the warm spell we had last week, the temperature gauge has stubbornly decided it is NOT going back to single digits. No way. No how. Not even under threat of the rack - that is if they have such torture for temperature gauges.

We just won't know how cold it is right outside the window.

We'll live with that, just telling ourselves it's 32 degrees. Not zero. Not minus 5. Not 10.

Sound good?

This is Mancat Monday and as ever, I am

Holy and hearty
Your obedient servant,

Tom Fishworthy ^..^

Monday, January 8, 2018

Meet Me Here!

Hi, everybody!

Tom here and I have so many plans for this new year, I don't know where to begin.

In the past, as you know, I've always tried to stay busy - in between naps, that is. Every once in a great while, I would post something on here, but that was it.

I didn't tell you because I was too embarrassed, but one of those activities involved trying to write a western.

I, "Fast Gun" Fishworthy, started off with: "The lawman entered the saloon, confident he had his man, only to be knocked down by an over-friendly dalmatian."
I honestly didn't know where to go from there. So I was stuck. Writer's block, I guess they call it.


I tried singing. Starting with the opera Aida, it turned out to be more like i-yiyiyi!!!

 Housekeeper covered her ears and everything (which actually is not so bad considering she has ugly ears.)

Anyway, I'm going to be really careful what I pursue in this new year.  What I will be doing is posting on my blog every MANCAT MONDAY. I'll be here!! I can only come on once a week, but Monday will be a good time to post and then I have a week to come visit you all at yours.

Don't forget, if once a week isn't enough, come see me at I'm there every other day with whatever pops into my head.

So, be good. Don't take any wooden nickels and most of all, always keep an eye out for those bearing treats!!

Hail, hearty and holy,

Monday, January 1, 2018

What's That Up Ahead?

 Another year, another wrinkle, arthritic kink and whiplash since time is going much too fast. But, enough of that. I have written a poem for you all that expresses how I feel as we gather to celebrate the unknown, 2018. (Had to get that in, cuz I'm still a little scared, even though I'm a cat priest and I have at my disposal all the holy men, holy water and good grace any one individual can stand.)

 Here goes:

The new year has arrived a little scary
And yet
Easily bracing ourselves with good will
I’ll bet
Let’s take what we felt this past Christmas
With cheer
And make 2018 a stupendous year.

Full of good food, good friends, smiles
And good times
As for me, I’ll do my best to make
Some good rhymes
Extending my wishes to all far
And near
Those furry and human that I hold
Most dear.

To catnip and roman collars, a niptini cheer!
Clinking our water bowls to a Happy New Year!

Ever holy and hearty,

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saving Souls In All the Wrong Places

Time for a new post, my fellow furries and your humans!
I said to myself (I made sure I was listening, first..hehe):


Okay, then. So, here I am. Everybody's getting ready for the holidays. In my neck of the woods, if people aren't shopping or maybe afterwards, they're popping over to the new hangout down the street from the rectory called the PEARL AND SWINE. Like the name? Jack's idea. I think half the businesses around here talk to the old priest to get their wild ideas. We have BeCheeses, a wine and cheese shop and SweetCheeks, a pastry place. I swear he keeps a list.

Here I am visiting the Pearl and Swine..I've been going there and you might say what is a cat doing in a pub. WELL, I had THREE converts just in the last week!

I checked and they showed up at Mass. You could have knocked me over. One of the guys even had a hankie tucked into his pocket.

So anyway, I've been on some pretty important missions and challenging myself to find lost souls wherever they might be. Will wants me to be careful. It could get dangerous. Sometimes I let him tag along, but only if he behaves himself.

Keeping it hearty and holy,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How Time Flies!

Oh, my stars, have I neglected this blog for such a long time, since June!
I can't believe it.

Now I'm trying to think of all that's happened to distract me from my blogging duties:

The housekeeper moved. She never lived in the rectory, anyway, so it didn't affect me, but I heard all about it. People living in the condos next door started moving around, too, for some reason. One person moved up on the third floor and another dropped to the garden level. I just can't keep track, but I do try to keep my nose in all things.
(in between naps, confessions, Masses and homage paid by fans..)

Ahhh....Father Will's throw, soft and makes me mellow.

Anyway, the holiday season is coming up and before I get out my jingle bells and the turkey gets baked, I wanted to say hello. That's if anybody's still out there..

Hellllooooooo!! Oh, bless you. One person! Nevermind, just the mailman.

~ Purr. If you can't purr, smile.


Saturday, June 3, 2017


Going through some old photos of me in my younger years, I came across my fresh out of seminary photo of me flush with youth:

All bright-eyed and bushy tailed and not one confession under my belt yet. Today, I'm a hardened priest, heard all the sins of the world and want to shut my eyes and shake my head at most of them.

I think I can share this confessional story because it happens every once in awhile. Someone comes in and I wait and wait..."Bless me, Father..then, silence. "I forgot my sins, Father Tom. I had them all memorized so I wouldn't forget them. Once I even wrote them on the inside of my cuff except I couldn't spell a name I called somebody."

"Do you remember it now?" I asked. "If you do, whisper it in my ear." I lean forward. This is the most excitement I've had all day.

I listen. Holy carp. It was quite the sin-filled name.

That was his only contribution to his weekly wrap-up of unholy transgressions.

"Any more sins?" I ask, hopefully.

"Sorry, I can't think of any more," he confesses..

"There's always next time," I say.


Lots of people forget or they get tongue-tied or they have no sins to confess but come to see me anyway.

I just can't keep people away, nor would I want to. They love me. Except when I have to mete out penance. Then, I'm a ... the name my young friend couldn't remember.

Sins have a way of aging people. Just hearing them has made me age ten years and dirtied my paws.

Have your sins catapulted anyone toward old age lately?