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I am Father Tom Fish, esteemed member of the religious team at Temptation of Christ Parish in the novels by author Julie Mackenzie. As to my background, I was invited into the rectory as a stray, laid on the charm, and was invited to stay, even honorarily ordained and no less spiritual than my sidekick Father Will. He dotes on me to high heaven and forgives all of my street cat proclivities, whatever the hell that means.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Two VIPs - The Mailman and the Goodies Man!

Hello from my windowseat!!

Actually, I don't SIT in my seat, I lie here, eyes half-closed, taking in the sun...


You guessed it! The mailman stops by!  I can always tell it's him because his little putt-putt has an engine with a unique sound and it always looks like it's carrying something really important. 

For us, it could be anything, but for me, sometimes I get mail, but most of the time I might get a nod from the mailman as he pops our delivery into the box and turns around and gets back into his truck. He must get plenty of exercise. Not everyone's mailbox is down close to the street like ours is.

When I get really excited is when a much bigger truck arrives with MY stuff. Of course, it would take a bigger truck. He comes a little closer and, for all the banging and heaving of goodies, I don't really react the same way as I do with the mailman. Don't know why. I guess there's just no mystery to litter, food and cat toys that come once in a blue moon a month.


In PENNY news..

She now has the run of the house and we pretty much all go our separate ways. Yesterday, Bridget took her afternoon nap in the living room, Penny curled up on the bed upstairs, and I was up in the attic. Yeah, I think we all like our space!

Anyway, we're getting used to each other more and more each day and we know we're all loved the same. I was worried Penny would get all the attention, but I think there's enough to go around!

All for now and thanks for the Gotcha Day well wishes. It was great!

TOM 💛😺



Cindy said...

Mail man trucks sound different than other trucks. I hope you all grow to love each other and all sit on mommy lap at once to make her happy!

Eastside Cats said...

These days, Tom, I get more stuff via mail truck than any delivery truck, but I certainly see lots of boxes on folks' front porches every day.
Good to hear that you three are working it out!

Brian's Home Blog said...

We like it when our food comes and we like the boxes it comes in. We're sure glad to hear sweet Penny has settled in nicely.

da tabbies o trout towne said... mail vehicle round heer haza ewe neek sound two !!! wunder if we haz de same dee leveree purrson !! :)☺☺♥♥

Catscue said...

I love that photo of you looking at the mail truck, too cute Tom! It takes time for kitties to clowder up, but once it happens, it's wonderful. Having you all go your own way is fine too, that way there is a living work of art in each part of the house.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I used to like when the mailman came, Tom. Trouble is nowadays he only seems to bring bills and circulars.
I am glad Penny is settling in well.

The Island Cats said...

We’re glad to hear things are working out okay with Penny.

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

♥♥♥♥ ^.,^ x4

meowmeowmans said...

Aww, we're so happy Penny's settled in and you're all doing fine. XO

Timmy Tomcat said...

We like the deliveries too but can hear rather than see them. Glad Penny is fitting in

Smudge said...

Happy Belated Gotcha Day, you youngster!