Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Morning After

       "It only costs a nickel to kiss my bonny Jean..."

Yes, I was singing at the party last night. As you can see, I'd been indulging in way too much nip. I don't even want to know if Jack and Will broke out the "holy water."

Mary Lou has been on vacation this week and as you can see from the stuff around me, the place is a mess. As devout as the priests are, they can be slobs like anybody else, despite the idea that cleanliness is next to godliness. It's mostly Jack, though. Will pretty much picks up after himself all the time, a hairball away from being a neat freak. Jack swears Will keeps a coaster in his hip pocket.

Today is ND--Nagging Day. Feel free to keep hounding--what do you know, a dog word--the person you love or a complete stranger, if you like, about anything your heart desires. We're all celebrating a day that makes it perfectly okay.

Finally, remember to look on (see my little black book) for the latest from all of the great cats who blog like me.

And don't take any wooden nickels, even if they'll get you a kiss.



Brian said...

Wow, must have been a good time, and ND sounds pretty fun to to start nagging!

Laila and Minchie said...

Father Tom! We are so excited to see a picture of you even if you are high on the nip! We got the bookmark you made for us with your picture on it and are thrilled to have it! Thank you so much! We will treasure it always.

Bless me Father, for we have...OOPS! Almost got carried away there for a minute! hehehe!

Father Tom said...

Brian, you bet I had a good time. I'm ready to do it all over again, after I rest and recuperate, that is!

In the spirit of the old-fashioned nag, how come I didn't hear your confessions, Laila and Minchie?? You were getting ready to tell all..!

Mishkat said...

Hi Father Tom! Thank you for stopping by our blog - we are very happy to meet you and J.R.! We need to confess that our humam is not Catholic - but she was baptized and confirmed Episcopalian so she does understand a bit. But probably not enough - so we hope we don't make any faux paws here!

P.S. We love the Cat Blogosphere! M.L. is the best!