Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Day for the Men in Black

Hi, everybody! I know it's mid-week, but this Saturday, there's an early morning meeting or somesuch so I can't sneak onto the computer.

Sunday is Fathers' Day. I spelled it a little differently because in my case, I want to pay tribute to my priests even though they are different as day and night. Father Will, shown here, is new to the parish having arrived about a year ago. 

When he first came, he was shocked that Temptation of Christ, which was a very serious episode in the Bible, is shortened to Temptation with its implied close brushes with sin. And, to make matters worse, everybody in the parish wasn't following the rules (they still don't). Poor Jack, set to retire, was alarmed when he saw his community in mortal danger of the straight and narrow. Eventually, the two came to an understanding and resolved to meet somewhere in the middle. They have the cozy den chats and me to thank for that, if I may say so.

So, a very happy Fathers' Day to my own padres. I have given you both my heart and soul so many times...

That's it for now. Remember your loved ones, even if they're a pain in the neck. And to all fathers, especially those serving our country, I salute you. I think Jack will have his usual sermon this Sunday, his own Father's Day message. It's funny how the parish has never tired of it. The same time that he's funny, he can hit the soul with a fast one. There won't be a dry eye in the house.


Brian said...

That was a very nice tribute to the padres, may peace be with you.

Harry Spotter said...

I agree, we need to wish all of our devoted priests a very Happy Father's Day!