Saturday, February 13, 2010

Soft-Hearted Beats Soft-Headed Every Time

Mary Lou's flowers. Aren't they beautiful? Oh, and the cat, too! (heh, heh)

First, the flowers. Jack gave her a bouquet yesterday for Valentine's Day, or so he said. She likes to have fresh flowers around anyway, her birthday ones becoming mere carcasses of their former selves. She took this picture of her new ones including me, undeniably sporting eyeliner.

Can you believe it? If any agency creative directors are reading this, I want them to know my beauty is not for sale. I will not nor will I ever be available for commercials or magazine ads.

It's pretty quiet here today. I think Will went home to see his parents. Something about a wedding anniversary. That will be many, many for the Tylers. I met them once. She's fussy as all get-out which explains him. His dad is the consoling one and pretty cool.

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow to everyone, especially to my beautiful lady friends. May you only have soft centers in the chocolates of life. I'll be sleeping and dreaming....



Brian said...

The flowers are very pretty! Happy Valentine's Day to you too...tomorrow!

Harry Spotter said...

The flowers are very beautiful, we love to have fresh flowers here too but Spot likes to eat and destroy them so we get them that often. Have a very Happy Valentines day to you all.

Beth Hoffman said...

Oh, what a great pic!