Friday, February 5, 2010

A Place for All Reasons


I just heard that a couple of churches in the area are closing.

What the hell (oops, I forgot about the angel) happened? Oh, I know I've got my dander in a dust-up but I can't help it. What about the ceremonies, the blessings and the close community of parishioners that just won't be going to their church anymore? Are they supposed to scatter among what's left? Let's fundraise, throw bingo and pasta parties and auctions to bring in the money it takes to keep things going. And, above all, introduce a cat.

That's right. Another me. What brings people to church? What brings people anywhere? Getting something out of it. If you go and feel that you've gotten together with a community of individuals who care about each other and care about a cat, then it works. If the holy mascot goes around and purrs, sits on friendly laps and hears a confession or two, could it hurt?

By the way, if I'm in the confessional, Father Jack makes me part of the penance. Gee, thanks, boss. Actually, it's not too bad. They have to give me a thorough head scratch along with their Our Fathers and Hail Marys. Just-so Will said it would make people sin more so they could give me belly rubs. Jack just ignored him.

We're doing fine here. This parish is hanging on and doing a great job of it. Of course, it takes regular poker games, onsite counseling in hangouts and a martini or two even among non-Catholics for Jack to scrounge up money we wouldn't ordinarily get. Will is working with a public relations guy to come up with more ideas to keep the money coming in.

I think we've got it covered. And, we haven't even talked about the Sunday evening jazz Mass with piano, candlelight and hymns sung by our unofficial Lounge Lizard Choir...



Brian said...

I think y'all will do fine, because you are special and caring...that comes through when it counts!

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

You are so kind and patient with my irreverence and imagination! We are very lucky at Temptation to have Jack and I thank my lucky stars that they haven't thrown me out on my ear. Thanks for your comment!