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I am Father Tom Fish, esteemed member of the religious team at Temptation of Christ Parish in the novels by author Julie Mackenzie. As to my background, I was invited into the rectory as a stray, laid on the charm, and was invited to stay, even honorarily ordained and no less spiritual than my sidekick Father Will. He dotes on me to high heaven and forgives all of my street cat proclivities, whatever the hell that means.

Monday, August 10, 2020

A New Penny!

We have a little excitement going on here! After following the housekeeper around the yard, a stray kitty has found her way into our home. Her place for the moment is in the sunroom with space to play and sleep and for Bridget and I to get acquainted, at a distance, for now.

We asked around and everyone's kitty was accounted for. One who looked like her  and missing had a phone number that wasn't working. Yes, the housekeeper tried everything to find the parent. You could tell she had been well loved. I wonder sometimes if those of us facing our humans packing and moving don't freak out. Movers, doors propped open, nobody paying attention, and too much going on to notice our disappearance. I've moved once. I hope I never have to do it again.

Anyway, here she is - Penny Waxwing. She's named after birds frequenting out blueberry bushes and because the housekeeper likes bird names for cats. About three years old, she is part Siamese and instead of my going on and on, I'll just share pics of her outside and after she joined Bridget, the housekeeper and me.

Welcome to our home, sweetie pie!

Laser eyes!!!  Had me spellbound!

More about us next week!



Eastside Cats said...

Oh my goodness, Tom!
Penny is gorgeous, and while I'm sorry that her humans misplaced her, it's wonderful that she's found comfort at your place.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Welcome home sweet Penny, you really are a pretty gal!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

penny ewe bee gorgeouz !! we iz buzzed happee ya haz finded a for everz home with tom & bridget...we send best fishez two ewe anda happee gotcha day as well ☺☺☺♥♥♥ we noe ewe iz gonna lovez yur new place ♥♥♥☺☺☺

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

She is a pretty girl. I am sure she will be very happy in her new home with you and Bridget.

Greg_1948 in_WA said...

Glad Penny found refuge at your home. Collars, collars, collars. What can I say? Microchips! Hopefully no one is missing her.

Furries said...

Penny is pretty. She is lucky to have found a wonderful home with you.

The Island Cats said...

Penny is so pretty and we hope you and Bridget become good friends with her.

Ivan from WMD said...

She's a pretty girl. She looks a bit like our old sis Caroline. We wonder if she talk-talk-talks like her too. If so, Tom, you will need earplugs!

meowmeowmans said...

Penny Waxwing is beautiful, and we are so happy she found her way to your loving family.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Tom Penny Waxwing is really a good looking kitty and I bet you both get along wonderfully in no time