Monday, April 13, 2020

Handcart to Hell (It Was Highway, but Hey..)

Hi, folks!

Another week of having everybody underfoot, or under paw as the case may be..
But, we're hanging in, making the best of it. At the same time, grateful to those who are keeping our country safe, and the men and women ready and willing to put on umpteen preventive layers to tend to our sick. There's a special place in Heaven reserved for you guys. You can bank on it!

Now to the handcart to hell part:

I'm being neglected.
Bridget's being neglected.

We're getting restless and irritable, not speaking to each other.

Our toy basket is like Fort Knox. Can't get at half the stuff in there. Bridget's had to resort to playing with old ear buds which she sits on!



Then there are those window battles. I know there's plenty of room on the bench for both of us, but sweet talking didn't work, so I had to break out my left hook!

So, friends, we're having our challenges.

Any ideas for solutions? We'll take any - especially if they involve treats!



Cindy said...

Love your tussle photo! Tom is supposed to set an example.

Eastside Cats said...

Tom and Bridget, it looks like it's time for the squirrels and birds to up their game outside of the window! You two cannot squabble if you are watching good Critter TV!

Brian said...

Oh no, the whapping for treats might not work out!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Uh oh, looks like you both are getting bored.

Ivan from WMD said...

Crankiness is contagious, we're afraid. Thank goodness our hummers appeared yesterday, although today it SNOWED! all day and Mom is worried about the below freezing temps tonight and tomorrow night. (Yes, our weather is very strange, very odd to see with about half our trees fully leafed out.)

Timmy Tomcat said...

We have a lot of tussles here so dont have an answer but that sure is a good left hook

catladymac said...

Why can't you get to your toy basket ?

meowmeowmans said...

Oh no! We're so sad you guys have that coronacabin fever. Why can't the housekeeper open up your toybox?

The Indulged Furries said...

Things are getting tiresome here too. Mom tries to engage me with some new activities, but I haven't been impressed. Purrs for all the people on the front lines fighting this virus.