Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anastasia Rules

Hi, Anastasia here, but my furriends call me "Stasia" and you can, too.

When I'm put in charge of this band of furry outlaws, I oversee all activity from my windowsill.

That way, I'm high enough to see everything and give a shout should things get out of hand. The fact that it's just in one room in my favorite spot is irrelevant. Mom Julie said nothing about how I should handle this big responsibility, just that I do it . And, she knows I do things totally my own way, anyhow.

Should I not be on the windowsill and someone needs serious discipline, I do have a secret weapon. Well, once you see it, it's no secret anymore. But, that, too, is beside the point.

One day, I had to use it.  The boys froze in their tracks and then were good little troopers afterwards. Hah!

I shouldn't have gloated over my supreme powers.

They were soon to get back at me.

Look at them!

A three-pack of double-barreled lasers aimed right at me! Holy Mother of Cod and all the fish in the sea!

Back to my windowsill I went. The heck with them. I'll save my high beams for a squirrel or two..

Very truly purrs,


Tom here and I need to be flogged with a wet noodle for forgetting to mention two weeks ago that Nerissa, the Garden Cottage Cats and Spud of the Random Felines all gave me the Illuminating Blogger Award. Look at it! It's beautiful and I so don't deserve such an honour, but I accept it with thanks and apologies:

I would like to bestow the award now on some furriends who have certainly illuminated my life--wait a minute, I was supposed to tell you something illuminating about me. Let's see--embarrassing might be more like it...mmmmmm, illuminating..oh, I know--I was a stray and found myself in a dress shop where I couldn't stay. It was sad. Not really. What would I do in a dress?? I waited in the shelter and then Mom Julie came along. Was I lucky!

It's so hard for me to nominate just five deserving furriends and I hope as this award gets bestowed around the CB that we don't miss anybody..anyway, here goes:

1. To sweetie Manx

2. To Sammy & Moosey and all their shelter friends

3. Shaggy & Scout at Little Cat Feet..ssshhh!

4. Nicki & Derry at Fuzzy Tales

5. Eric & Flynn, the ginger and white Devon kitties

Hugs to all,


Sparkle said...

That's the problem with lasers - we kitties ALL got 'em, so they can only really be used effectively against non-kitties.

Julie Baugh said...

Like those laser eyes.

Concats on your award. Almost every cat in the Cat Blogosphere should end up with an award of some kind or other, since last week when Kizzie received two at the same time.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Whoops...we think your supreme power probably works better on non-cats, Stasia. ;)
Congratulations on your award, Tom!

Tamago said...

LOL your no more secret weapon is super! The photo of boys with lasers cracked me up :-) Btw you look very beautiful on the windowsill.
Congratulations on your award!! Yeah you don't need dress, Tom. You arleady have a nice coat :-)

Mariodacat said...

You look to me like you could make the other really behave if you put your mind to it. You are gorgeous by the way. Swoon! Congratulations on your awards - very deserving.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Stasia, you have incredibly powerful lasers, but three against one just isn't a fair fight, even for you!

Concats on the award and thanks for thinking of us. Our might or might not get around to posting it. LOL. She never did two previous ones, the slacker. So we assure you, no offense will be intended if you don't see it on our blog. :-)

Random Felines said...

Wow - that windowsill looks awesome. But yeah, it isn't fair that EVERYONE has the lasers....


Punapippuri said...

Wethinks that as you are a huuuuge girlcat, not even those three stand a chance against you!

meowmeowmans said...

Whoa, just look at all those lasers! Stasia, we like your management style very much. As long as you can see everything from your vantage point, there's no need to go patrolling, right?

Tom: Concats on your well-deserved award! And thanks for passing it along to the boys and the PAWS cats. Moosey received it last week, so he's going to let Sammy be the one to do some illuminating when we have a chance to post it. And we're sure Sammy will share something on behalf of the PAWS cats (because he's nice that way).

Have a great weekend!


Repositório said...

Oh my, she´s a real Princess!

Eric and Flynn said...

Poor Stasia! You have very powerful lasers, but when three take on one, well it's a worrying sight.
Concats on your award Tom and thanks for passing it on to us. Mum is slacking with helping to post our awards. We hope this one gives her the kick up the backside, umm, the reminder she needs.

Mr. Pip said...

Don't let them push you around, Stasia! You are top cat in my book!

Your pal, Pip

Brian said...

Congrats on the very nice award! You suremlook pretty on your window perch!

Cathy Keisha said...

You keep those boys in line Stasia! What's wrong with patrolling from the windowsill. You can see if anyone is looking to break in. That's a big job!

The Cat From Hell said...

Did yous laser those guys back?
Me thinks one girl laser is more effective than 4 boy lasers!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Wow Anastasia, you sure have the cat-birds spot there to keep an eye on things!

Congratulations Tom, on your award! A dress shop huh? I can see why you needed to get out of there! Glad you landed where you did!

Fisher and Staff said...

Congratulations on your award, Father Tom!
And, Stasia, I am pretty sure your true power is your aristocratic demeanor. It sure gave me pause to wonder, admire, and bow down.

ABBY said...

Oh Stasia
YOU are fabulous, just fabulous.


The Island Cats said...

Stasia, we think your lasers are just a little more powerful than those other cats!

Congrats on your award, Tom!

Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Mieow Pretty Stasia, we likez your style,,,, effurtless ^..^ thoze sure are sum powerful lazerz ^..^ we certainly wouldn't want to be on your bad side.......

Dear Tom we thinkz you are furry deserving & furry Illuminating ^.,^

♥♥xoxoxo♥♥ to All ~ ^.,^ x6 +1 ;)

Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Holy Mary Mother of Cod is heard quite often here... Nana says it all the time! hahahaha!

Angel MoMo's mom said...

Hi, you are such a beautiful kitty, Anastasia. Love your name, too. Thank you for remembering MoMo on your sidebar. I am still very sad about her passing.

Maggie and Tommie said...

We tremble at the sight of your powerful lasers. We admire your beautiful floofy coat... But we also giggle at your funny post.

Old Kitty said...

Amazing and ever so regal Stasia!! You are totally in charge and super awesome! Me and Charlie bow to your gorgeousness!!!Take care

Cindy said...

You got caught, that's a shame. I'm sure yours are more powerful!
Concatulations on the award!

Rumpydog said...

I'm gonna hafta get me some of them laser eyes too! woo woo woo!

Kjelle Bus said...

You scared me through to the cyberspace with your lasers , Stasia !
ConCAtulations to the award !

Melody said...

Oh Stasia you do have supreme powers over them..they just don't know it. You are a cool cat!
Congrats on the award too!
So nice to see you guys. We've missed you. Back to blogging now.
Love you guys...
jude,poo,babybella,piper & marley

Shaggy and Scout said...

We are late getting here but THANK YOU very much for the award!!!!
Stasia you look very serious in the second picture....we are surprised those renegades even try to get away with any mischief with you in charge!

Oskar said...

The kitties that live with me have those lasers, & I don't mess with them!

Thank you for stopping by & leaving birthday wishes :)

Nubbin wiggles,