Saturday, March 20, 2010

Through A Lens Darkly

My mea culpa this week has to do with my posterior. I sat on Will's glasses. It was purely by accident and he said, "Now, that's a little unappetizing." I got up, all apologetically and gave him my most innocent look...

Speaking of hindquarters, did you know that Abraham Lincoln had something to say about them? It was regarding one of his generals. Jack was once a high school history teacher and he's always coming up with stories. Anyway, during one of our famous fireside conversations in the rectory den, he shared this: During the War Between the States, generals always had their headquarters out in the field under a tent. Jack said when Lincoln was told that a particular general believed that his headquarters was in the saddle, Lincoln replied, "So, his headquarters are where his hindquarters should be." He had a great sense of humor, he did.

A Vinny update: Remember last time when I told you about the Evans' cat going over to Vinny's? Well, that one-eared hellpuss went over there alright. I heard they had a Mexican standoff and Vinny turned and ran. I guess he wasn't taking any chances.

Today is the first day of spring. Happy spring, everybody!


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Brian said...

That was an interesting story! Hey, happy spring to you too!